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About Lufthansa City Center

Since being founded in 1991, Lufthansa City Center (LCC) has experienced constant growth and today is the third largest travel agency chain in Germany (300 offices). The cooperation of owner-managed, medium-sized travel agencies and an airline company operating under an international brand name is unique worldwide. Lufthansa City Center focuses on individual, tailor-made customer service for both leisure and corporate customers. Offering a complete range of travel management solutions, Lufthansa City Center, still economically independent, combines flexibility and innovation, competence and experience with a comprehensive service portfolio and the benefits of a world-wide network. LCC Business Travel and LCC Global Travel
LCC Business Travel is the corporate travel service brand of Lufthansa City Center and offers perfect and individual solutions for professional corporate travel management. To guarantee a uniform service for multinational corporate customers, Lufthansa City Center has introduced a new service level with a clear worldwide orientation: LCC Global Travel. LCC Global Travel provides multinational corporations with an unparalleled, seamless global travel management service experience with a universal, first-class technology platform and homogeneous quality standards. Leisure travel
In the leisure sector, Lufthansa City Center travel agencies offer the full portfolio of tour operators and core products including individually arranged trips, last-minute offers, special trips and best-value student rates. Furthermore, LCC specialises in core competencies such as luxury, cruises, and golf.
In 2014 Lufthansa City Center created an internal Global Incoming Network (LCC GIN), with a focus on unique and thrilling travel experiences around the globe. LCC GIN offers individual and hand-picked journeys, group travel or MICE offers from trusted business partners, combined with Lufthansa City Center’s personal touch - a unique network of privileged and professional LCC incoming agencies with extensive market insight and local product knowledge.

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